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We’ve all heard from acquaintances and friends that have somehow and miraculously managed to sell their property within a ridiculously short time of being on the market – how did they do it? Sometimes people are just lucky and the first person that views their home is all set to seal the deal, but it can mean that people don’t always sell their property for the best price.

The housing market is very buoyant and there’s lots of demand for good quality housing right now, as we continue to see the effects of people’s reflections over the pandemic and their desire to look for something different. This means that there are great opportunities to sell your property for a really decent price, with quick offers and sells. 

How can you make sure that you’re getting the best price though?

Take Time to Pause

As soon as you put your property up for sale and offers hopefully start flooding in, it can be really tempting to start taking action immediately. But it’s worth giving yourself a few days breathing space to think about things and give interested potential buyers the chance to register their interest in your property. There could be better offers that come in later on too, just because people are keener doesn’t necessarily mean their bids are more serious or watertight either. 

The best offer you receive could come in last, so keep that in mind when you get caught up in the excitement of putting your property on the market.

Scope Buyers Out

Taking some time to look at and consider offers is really important and it can help you to eliminate buyers that aren’t serious or might be time wasting. As mentioned, just because someone was the first to make an offer doesn’t mean it’s the best or most reliable offer. Your estate agents can help to sort through your hot buyers and do some due-diligence to check their offers are concrete and have a smaller chance of falling through when things get to a more serious stage in the process.


Waiting to see what offers are on the table also puts you in a better position to be in more control over your negotiation and the timescales involved. If you immediately run into accepting one of the first offers then they may rush you into timescales you’re not happy with. By sitting back and considering your offers carefully, you can be in a stronger position to view and drive negotiations.

Best for You

Digesting all of the offers and information you’ve received is really important. Making quick decisions based on excitement or emotion isn’t recommended, as it can lead to bad decision-making. Think about the offers that are best for you – of course, this could be financially based, but it can also be about other factors. Decide what you’re looking for from a buyer and stop to take stock of all the offers you’ve received and make a decision that best aligns with those ideas.

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