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Buyers’ priorities are shifting all the time, but something that first-time buyers’ are increasingly keeping in mind is whether a property is right for their work and lifestyle’s digital requirements.

Modernising your property with a few simple steps can help to position it as a home fit for the future and one that complements more environmentally conscious, digital-savvy buyers.

With smarter tech options on the market, you can make a few tweaks here and there to make your property more appealing to younger buyers.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

Buyers, especially younger, are becoming more environmentally aware and this means that they’re looking for properties with more energy efficient technology in order to reduce their carbon footprint and save money too.

There’s a wide-spectrum of energy efficient measures you can take and it’s dependent on time and budget. Solar panels can be an attractive option, as well as electricity battery storage systems and smart lighting. They’re all appealing to energy-savvy and environmentally-conscious buyers.

If your home is scoring high in energy efficiency then this is something that you should be pushing in your sales strategy.

More Functionality

The rise of smart tech in the home can be selling point for your property. If you’ve got devices and gadgets that can help to make a property more functional and user-friendly then this can be great for first-time buyers or buyers with accessibility issues too.

Voice-controlled smart hubs, smart meters, in-house gadgets etc are all ways to make people’s lives easier and simpler inside the home and can be a nice bonus for buyers who might not have been looking for these features.

Faster Broadband

WiFi speed is incredibly important to younger buyers or anyone who’s looking to enjoy fast internet speed for work and leisure. With the amount of people working from home on the rise, good broadband speeds are essential and expected by buyers.

Sorting out WiFi issues and ensuring that you’re preparing optimal conditions for easy internet browsing is a good step. Get in touch with providers if you’re facing issues – it’s worth using good WiFi as a selling point and it’s something buyers will ask about too.

Prepare for the Future

When you’re selling a property, it makes sense to think about how to sell to your buyers in a way that makes them think about the long-term value your home has. At the moment, electric cars might not be a common occurrence, but more and more sophisticated models are on the market and it’s the future of the car manufacturing industry.

With this in mind, if your budget allows it, you can make some changes to your property that will futureproof it and act as a long-term asset. For example, installing a charging point for electric cars is a great gimmick to have in a property and it gives you something different to make your property stand out. This could appeal to younger buyers who are interested in new tech.

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