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If you’ve decided to put your property on the market or you’re looking to buy a property as an investment with a view to rent it out in the future, then ensuring that it stands out in a competitive marketplace is paramount.

Making your property as attractive as possible will maximiSe the chances that someone chooses your property to rent, it’s that simple, but it can feel like a mammoth task, especially if you’ve lived in the property before and are trying to see it through other eyes.

Good First Impression

It goes without saying but ensuring that your property gives off a quality first impression is probably the most valuable strategy you should be working towards. If you don’t give people a favourable impression of your property, then it’ll be an uphill battle from then onwards to win them over with the rest of your property.

There are all sorts of personal tastes and priorities of yours that will go into what you believe will give off a good impression, but there are more universal things you can do to make sure you’ve got the basics covered. 

Think about the first things people will notice when they walk through your door. Get a diffuser so that people walk into a certain scent; make sure your door is freshly painted and your doorbell’s working; ensure the front garden is neat and tidy; clear clutter from your front hallway. Get the simple things sorted and it’ll go a long way towards creating a good first impression.


Every property has unique features that you can exaggerate in order to make them stand out and give your house the best chance of being snapped up. If you’ve got a balcony, a nice garden, interesting architecture, lots of space etc then be sure to focus on the best features in the photos you use online and guide people towards these features when they view your property. Show off the best things about your property, because chances are that there will always be someone whose top priority is whatever your property’s best feature is.


With a property, it’s important to keep things simple and stylish. It’ll allow owners to visualise their own furniture and lives in a home more easily. Make a property impersonal so declutter, clear it of knick-knacks and anything that affects the neutrality of the property.

Remember to set the scene though and capitalise on current trends. For example, with the WFH revolution in full-swing, if you have a free room, corner or space, stick a desk and chair there, so that people can visualise an office set-up. Likewise with a room that might not have a bed in at the moment – you could put one in, so that people can see the potential of the property and see the options that are available to them. They could have an office or an extra bedroom…or a games room it’s completely up to them!

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