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The last thing you probably want to think abut in the run up to Christmas is trying to boost viewings for your property – you’re already waking up in a cold sweat thinking about sprout peeling and the 2312 presents you haven’t bought yet.

You can be forgiven for thinking the property market grinds to a halt in December, running up til Christmas, too. It undoubtedly slows, but there are still lots of opportunities and factors at play that can go in your favour when trying to sell your property.

Let’s take a look at how to maximise property viewings.

Being Flexible

December is a busy month for everyone, so people might be asking for weird times to come and view your property. You might usually decline and say it doesn’t work for you, but being more flexible with viewing times can help you to maximise the chances of selling your property.

Take advantage of the time-sensitive nature of Christmas, where people eagerly want to fit in viewings and get the ball rolling before cut-off dates and deadlines. People will want to push forward and make things happen.

Getting as many people to view your property as possible is the goal, so even if something is inconvenient, it’s worth saying ‘yes’ anyway. There are more opportunities and reasons to be out of the house at Christmas time, so you can leave buyers to have a gander around themselves.

Festive Cosiness

Christmas gives you a unique chance to make your property extra cosy and unique. Making a warm, winter atmosphere can create a good first impression for your potential buyers. But it’s worth keeping things in perspective and not going overboard with very over-the-top decorations. It might become more difficult for people to imagine themselves living in your home and it can hide features in your property or take up too much space. And not everyone likes Christmas or celebrates it, so be aware that you’re selling to everyone and not just one group of Christmas lovers.

That being said, a few fairy lights and some festive decorations can create a lovely, welcoming atmosphere and you can tap into people’s festive cheer.

Clean and Spacious

As mentioned, even though it’s darker and people might be viewing your property in the evening, you still need to ensure that everything is clean, tidy and de-cluttered. Christmas can bring lots of extra décor etc into the home, but it’s important that you still create space to show off your property’s potential.

That goes for your garden space too. It might be wet, windy and muddy outside, but a garden can be the selling point for some buyers so making sure you keep on top of garden maintenance, aswell as indoor sprucing is important. Clearing leaves, putting up some lighting so people can see in darker evenings and generally taking care of outdoor spaces helps sell outdoor space too.

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