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Welcome to 2019 – whether you’re ready for it or not, January is a great time to take stock and make a few changes. This is especially the case when you’re looking to sell your property.  Why not combine your new year’s resolutions with a re-jig of your to-do-list.

January is usually a good time to get your property on the market, as the mayhem of Christmas is over for another year and people are looking ahead into the year with a fresh perspective.

Here’s a few things you can consider to give your property a fresh look and attract buyers.


If you haven’t already seen the hit new show on Netflix, Tidying up with Marie Kondo, then it’s full of brilliant ideas that you can use to transform your home. The main thrust of the show is all about decluttering and it really can make your environment more appealing to buyers and make your feel more relaxed too. We completely agree – the less chaotic a space is, the better.

Living in a cluttered space can stress you out, so imagine how a potential buyer will feel when they’re trying to make the most stressful decision of their life. Work on creating free, fresh spaces, so try to eliminate unnecessary clutter like old magazines, papers and ornaments that do nothing for a room. You can move bigger pieces of furniture that block light or split spaces in rooms. Try to maximize the space that you have – it’s the biggest commodity buyers will be looking for.

Clean & Maintain

Staying with the Marie Kondo theme means obviously doing a consistent job of staying on top of maintenance and cleanliness. Buyers will be looking at the smaller details, as well as the big features in your property. You can be sure that potential buyers will be noting down how dusty a room is or any DIY jobs that need doing or they could use to negotiate with, so keeping on top of small details is important.

Create a cleaning schedule you can easily stick to and be alert to aspects of your property that could do with some tlc. This could be setting aside 30 mins+ everyday to cleaning and checking maintenance issues or you could leave it until a certain day and do a big onceover and deep clean of your property regularly.

Calming and Relaxing

Ensuring that the energy in your property is zen and relaxing can be one of the best things you can do when trying to sell your property. Set the scene for buyers to walk into – a spacious, decluttered room, perhaps with a couple of candles in the evening or some bright flowers on the table. If someone walks in and feels a certain, relaxing vibe about your property then they’re more inclined to view it positively and without any chaotic, cluttered energy getting in their way.

Set yourself up for a good 2019 by starting as you mean to go on. Paint your property in the best light with a few tweaks here and there. For more advice, contact our team at Home EA today.


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