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Ask most home-owners if they’d like more space in their property and they’re likely to snap your hand off. It’s what most buyers are on the look out for and it’s something that everyone wants to maximize in their property for a myriad of reasons. If you’re thinking about putting your property on the market in the future then ensuring that you’re able to showcase your home in the best possible way is paramount. 

There’s a limit to how you can maximize the amount of space in your property without spending a lot of money on an extension, but there are smaller hacks that you can use to make sure you’re doing everything you can to de-clutter and make space.

Let’s take a look at some tips you can use to free up space.

One in, One out

Sometimes all it takes is to have a new type of philosophy or a change of approach when it comes to decluttering and space. Living in a more minimalistic way can help you to keep things streamlined as you go along in your daily life, instead of having to do large-scale declutters every few months or before a big move.

The one in, one out approach is really simple, it means that whenever you want to buy something new or bring a new object into your home, you have to donate something to make room for it. This is an especially good rule when it comes to children’s toys!


Drawers and wardrobes provide storage but you can compartmentalise them even further with dividers inside, to give more structure and provide extra categories and organisation. Instead of throwing everything into a drawer, you can utilise the precious storage space you have got and make it work for you in a smarter way.

Labelled Jars

Using jars might not sound revolutionary, but you may have seen social media interior influencers raving about the merits of organising all of your kitchen bits and pieces into labelled jars for easier access and a more organised arrangement. Your kitchen can look a lot less chaotic if food packaging and items are put into a more uniform format and it can clear them out of the way if you’re showing people around your property. 

Baskets in your cupboard spaces are great for storage as well for filling with food items and it helps you to locate what you need,

Hiding Cords

With the sheer amount of tech and items that require cords, your property can end up looking seriously messy with tangled wires everywhere. It can also be quite dangerous and a hazard with small children and pets around. Aesthetically, it looks much better to keep things looked as slick and streamlined as possible. You can use clips or hooks to keep cords out of the way and show off the space you’ve got.

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