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Giving potential buyers compelling reasons to take further action and consider your property in their plans is the aim of the game, so ideally your property needs to make an instant impact with buyers.

The good news is that there are lots of simple ways that you can improve your property and give it a wow factor without breaking the bank. It’s all about strategy and sitting down to think about how to utilise your space properly is a good start.

Spruce up the front of your property

Making sure your garden is neat and tidy goes without saying, but it’s especially important if you have a garden at the front of your property. Your visitors will see this before they’ve even viewed the inside of your property, so giving it a spruce up is recommended. People will drive past your house to have a look or mention it to friends looking to buy and they’re more likely to do this if your property looks welcoming.

You can do this with attractive doors, windows and a lick of paint too. Small additions like a welcome mat and hanging baskets can all add to the effect.

Keep gardens well-manicured and healthy – go all out and get some new plants or features to give extra effect too. Gardens are more important to some buyers than others, but it doesn’t hurt to make changes.

Less is more

Simplify your property. Look around and make the most of your space and try to maximize the amount you have. Buyers are looking for space, so use a minimalist approach to your property.

Less furniture allows people to easily imagine themselves moving in and what they’d do with the space if they lived there. Help your potential buyers to envision their life in your property.


Getting your lighting spot on can really make a difference when selling a property. Good lighting can boost people’s emotions or mood as soon as they walk into a different room. Dark, dingy spaces will instantly make people feel more downbeat and uninspired.

If you’re showing buyers around your property in the day then make sure as much light as possible is streaming into your home. Showing your property at night calls for softer lighting, so floor lamps are a great idea and strategically placed lamps and lighting features can enhance certain spaces.

The Hallway

As soon as a buyer enters your home, you want to create an impression. Hallways are a great little space to make an effect in a short amount of time. Being decorative and bold, but without clutter is the key. Think about patterned, impact wallpaper or a strong, neutral colour to make your property inviting and snug. A statement rug can work really well too against a minimalist backdrop.

Streamline the furniture you use in your hallways and make sure you have storage options too, i.e a shoe rack or coat-hangers to minimise clutter. Adding mirrors is a good way to make a hallway look spacious and bring some light into the space.

If you’re interested in more tips for selling your property then get in touch with Home EA today.



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