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Selling your House in the Summer

The summer months are the busiest time for property transactions in the UK. The evenings are lighter, so it feels as if there’s more time for viewings, more motivation to look for properties and a buoyancy in the marketplace. 

There’s a desire for properties transactions to be completed before the summer is over, it’s not always possible, but factors such as the school summer holidays can create a sense of urgency to get things moving.

Properties usually look at their best in the summer too, so it can be a great time to make some improvements or show off existing features that will be accentuated during the lighter, warmer period.

Here are some tips for selling your property in the summer:

Be Sensible but Competitive 

If you want to sell your property as soon as possible then it’s worth pricing your property as competitively as you can, which means not making the price too high, otherwise potential buyers will lose interest. The key is to price your property at a level that is realistic, but still works for you. Try to research the prices that other properties have gone for in your area or are priced at currently.

One thing’s for certain, if buyers don’t like the price then they won’t waste time, they’ll simply look elsewhere. They’re also very savvy, so they know when they’re being taken for a ride if a property is being priced at an unrealistic level.

A Good First Impression

The summer gives you the chance to make you property look inviting and attractive. Make the most of the season and use colourful, lush plants and flowers to inject some energy and vibrancy into the front of your house for a good first impression. 

You can also ensure that you’ve cleaned and maintained the basics much easier, as there won’t be as much that needs to be done in the summer to make things look attractive. Keep your lawn mowed, trim shrubbery and de-weed your flower beds. Add some decorative items or a bench or two, to give some personality but nothing too extreme, as staying neutral is always recommended. 


Decluttering your property should always be a top priority – it allows potential buyers to visualise themselves living in your property better and it creates a calmer environment to notice the key features and space in your property. Tidying and being organised can also make a property look much better in marketing resources, such as photos and visual tours. 

If you declutter a property, it’s also worth taking an objective look at what ornaments or fixtures could make it look a bit too personal. Your taste might be great, but it won’t be for everyone, so the approach that will appeal to the highest number of people is to make your rooms more neutral.

For more tips and advice around selling your property in the summer, or any time of the year – get in touch with our team at Home EA today.



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