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At Home EA, we like to innovate and try out new things, so we can provide our customers with the best service possible, which often means getting to grips with new tech.

We don’t shy away from a new gadget or two, which is why we offer a 3D Virtual Home Tour for buyers and sellers. If you’re looking to put your home on the market, along with the standard written information and photos you’d expect to see on a property page, we’ll add an extra dimension…


Some properties have got the wow-factor, but it’s difficult to convey that in a limited amount of words and a few photos. You can do your best with these mediums, but having a visual video tour to use and show people a different side to a property can work wonders.

There might be something that a potential buyer spots on a Virtual Home Tour they simply wouldn’t pick up through text or in a couple of photos. A virtual tour is instantly broadening the scope of a home and increasing the potential possibility that a viewer will see something that encourages them to organise a viewing.

The size and space of a property can really be emphasised with a virtual tour – and you can let buyers judge this for themselves, instead of having to work out how you can explain it to maximise its potential. And photos from one specific angle only tell one small part of the story, where a tour can fill in lots of gaps and gives a more general and complete view of a property.

No Time Wasters

The great thing about a Virtual Home Tour is that it allows buyers to really check out a property before they view. It gives them a much better, more holistic idea of the dimensions of a property, how much space there is to play with and gives a completely different perspective. Photos are always going to be effective and a good way to draw buyers in, but an extra Home Tour is something different and can confirm whether they want to view a property and give them a more well-informed decision.

This means that the people that do come to view the property could be more interested and further along in their decision-making journey if they’ve viewed the property virtually beforehand. You’ll filter out more of the buyers that are unsure and attract more qualified prospects. They’ll also be more prepared for what your property has to offer when they view it and you can get down to discussing more details questions that they might have, instead of everything being a complete surprise.

More Platforms

We link to the Virtual Home Tours on the property pages on our website and other affiliated sites, but we also upload the tours to our YouTube channel and Facebook page, so your property can generate more views and traffic. The more people that see your property, the more interested buyers!

For more advice or information about a 3D Virtual Home Tour, get in touch with our team today.


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