The most popular ways to enhance your Home for buyers in 2017

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Home improvements are always necessary before you sell – even if your property is pretty great, there are always little things you can do to increase your chances of securing the best price possible. Making certain investments are worth it in the long-term and renovations can increase the property value of your home.

GoCompare Home Insurance conducted a survey and found that 43% of homeowners have renovated their property in a significant way in the last 5 years.

So, let’s have a look at some of the most popular ways to increase your home’s value and maximize its selling potential:

Bathroom Changes

A new bathroom is the most popular renovation for homeowners. It’s a relatively straight-forward way to improve your home and potentially increase its value. A bathroom can communicate a lot to a buyer – a modern, fresh looking bathroom shows buyers that you’ve invested in the home and they won’t have to spend a lot of money on kitting it out with new décor and equipment.

There’s not usually much upheaval when renovating a bathroom and it can be completed relatively quickly.

Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is still one of the key selling-points in any home, so 38% of homeowners have had a new one fitted in the last 5 years. Investing in new appliances and décor can be well-worth it in the long-run and buyers can be influenced by the size and look of your kitchen facilities. An attractive kitchen is important when selling any home.

Boiler and Central Heating

Having an energy efficient home is very important to new buyers, as value for money and household bills are a priority for any household. If you can show to buyers that your house meets standards and you’ve worked to make it efficient with your boiler and central heating system then it’s one less thing for them to worry and tick off the list when they move in.

It’s the same with double glazing, which 26% of homeowners have carried out in the last 5 years and solar panelling at 12%.

Garden Space

Re-working a garden space into an attractive selling point is a good idea too and popular with homeowners. When showing buyers around your home, a lovely garden space is a bonus to some people but can be a main selling point to others. A strong outdoor space provides different options for buyers and helps them to imagine themselves living in your home.

Knocking through Rooms

Knocking down walls to create more spacious rooms and more space generally in your home is something more and more owners are doing. Space is a massive factor for buyers, so if you can create more of it or the illusion of more space then this can help to sell your home.

Small, gradual changes

You don’t have to undertake big changes to have an impact. Smaller, manageable home improvements over time can make a big difference to your selling potential too. You don’t have to fit conservatories or have a loft conversion – the GoCompare Home Insurance survey found that tidy, de-cluttered homes are attractive too, which is something everyone can work on no matter your budget.

Bathroom and kitchen changes seem like a safe bet and a good investment, but if you’d like more advice on selling your home then get in touch with Home EA today on 0161 367 1221.


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