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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus has affected every sector, industry and individual across the UK and the property market is no different. For many people, buying and selling has been put on pause for the time being, as we all get to grips with a new normal.

Here at Home EA, we’re keen to adapt and are ready to find new ways of working, in order to provide the same high level of service and find the perfect properties for our customers…just, in a different way and always adhering to health & safety guidelines.

We’ve now received guidance from the government’s Ministry of Housing about how we can start to move things forward and help you to buy and sell, so we’re back and open for business.

Take a look at some of the key points from the guidance below and how we’re planning to work in these unprecedented times:

Buying and Selling

The main piece of information that jumps out from the new guidance is that people who want to move house are allowed to do so – but only if you do not have coronavirus or are self-isolating and clinically vulnerable people must seek medical advice. This is especially anxiety alleviating for people that are in the process of buying or selling right now and feel stuck or unsure about what to do.

At the centre of every property transaction is this key bit of advice:

“The process of finding and moving into a new home will need to be different given those involved in the process will have to adapt practices and procedures to ensure that the risk of spread of coronavirus is reduced as far as possible.”

Activities like open house events are not permitted right now, but agents are allowed to accompany potential buyers to a new property. Viewings should be appointment only and limited to members of the same household. Agents must not drive buyers to a property and should meet them there, where everybody must adhere to strict 2 metre social distancing measures.

The property being viewed should be cleaned, with all doors and windows open and buyers should be shown where they can wash their hands with soap and have paper towels to dry them with. Viewers should bring their own hand sanitiser though, avoid touching surfaces. Keys need to be cleaned in between viewing aswell.

Virtual Viewings

One way to ensure that health and safety guidelines are at the forefront of our thinking is to encourage virtual viewings. We already use virtual viewings, with our 3D Showcase feature and our comprehensive Virtual Home Tours, so we’re in a fantastic position to help you view properties on the market or sell your property. Estate agents are also able to visit in order to take photos/videos of the property.

We can also provide 3D Floorplans, which can give buyers a much greater level of detail when looking at a property online.

The government is recommending that estate agents encourage virtual viewings as much as possible and this is something that we always try to encourage our customers to engage with. The tech-friendly marketing packages that we put together for properties are something we’re incredibly proud of, now more than ever.

We’re looking forward to working with you once more and helping you to find your dream home. If you’re unsure about anything and want to talk through options, contact our team and read the full government guidance here. Take care!



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