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It can be so exciting when you organise a viewing because you think you’ve finally found the perfect property. But if you let excitement overrule everything then you can be prone to forgetting all of the smaller, often more practical details that you should be on the lookout for. This is so you don’t discover problems with the property further down the line that could’ve easily been avoided.

Putting together a list of factors to consider is a useful idea and keeps you focused on exactly what you want from a property, instead of getting caught up in the excitement on the day and forgetting everything you were going for!

Let’s take a look at some things to look for.

Viewing Checklist

  • Storage

Storage space can often be overlooked when viewing a property. You can be deceived by the size of a property and automatically assume that it’ll have loads of storage options for everything you’re moving in. But that’s not necessarily the case, especially in new-build properties. Keep an eye out for the size of rooms, whether they have enough space for installing storage and whether there are cupboards or shelves already for you to store all manner of things like utilities, linen, clothes etc.

  • Damp?

Checking whether a property has any damp issues or not is one of the most unsexy but important factors when viewing a property. It has the potential to wreak havoc on your property and you could end up spending a lot more getting rid of it, instead of assessing whether it’s there to begin with on a viewing. Look for watermarked walls or ceilings, a smell of mould and flaky plastering too. Check the skirting boards and ceilings. Without being too suspicious, it’s worth checking if the walls look recently painted whether that’s because they’re covering damp issues.

  • Direction

Another thing that’s often overlooked is the direction that the house faces. This can be really influential in the way that you live in a new property and if you’re viewing a property in the winter, it might not be something you think about, but the direction the house faces when it’s summertime can affect the amount of sunlight and light and warmth that your house receives, over it being annoyingly dark and not good for sunbathing! This can be especially frustrating if you’ve got bi-fold doors. You can use a compass feature on your phone to check if the property is north or south facing.

  • Structure

Ensuring the property is structurally sound can be difficult if you’re not experienced in what to check for and obviously further down the line you can get a chartered surveyor to spot risks. But in an initial viewing, you can check for cracks, robust roofing, double glazing, plumbing, sound proofing, wiring and power points etc.

Checking what an area is like and the neighbours are always important questions to ask too and for more advice and tips for viewing a property, get in touch with our experienced team at Home EA today.


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