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Looking for your dream home is a big deal. You might not be thinking of it as a ‘dream home’ as such, but you want the property that you’re buying to be the best it can be for your budget and requirements.

There is a humungous list of things to think about when you’re buying a property and it can be overwhelming so preparation is key. Everyone you ask seems to have different advice and it can be tough to know who or what to listen to.

Let’s take a look at some good things to prioritise.


This is a really important factor. Being too far away from public transport or having a nightmare commute on the roads can really affect your general wellbeing and your job enjoyment, so it’s crucial to consider.

Think about the impact of the property you’re looking at on school and work commitments. Is it worth sacrificing an extra hour in bed for a cheaper property? Only you know the answer and whether you can cope with certain demands. Properties tend to be cheaper, the further away they are to major transport links.

If transport isn’t a big consideration then looking further away from transport links makes sense and could save money.


Some buyers really aren’t fussed about garden space and this is something that’s worth talking about before you start searching for properties. Why? Because gardens can add significant value to a home, so if you can ask your estate agent to filter out properties with garden space if you’re not interested then you can find more cost-effective properties.


Obviously when you’re looking at properties, you need to take the amount of space and potential for space into consideration. A property you’re viewing might not have lots of space but try to look at the ways that an owner has maximized potential and made rooms look bigger.

Try to find properties with large and versatile rooms. Usually the rule is that 2 large rooms can become 4 smaller rooms, so you can always look for properties with fewer rooms but more space, so that you can adapt your home as and when you need more space i.e for a home office, another bedroom.

Areas with Potential

Keep an open mind and take a look at properties in areas that might not be the most desirable at the moment but have lots of potential to become up and coming areas. Do a bit of research to find about any new businesses, developments or facilities that are being built in the near future – this can give you an idea of the amount of investment going into an area.

When lots of young and aspiring buyers are moving into an area, this can create a better quality of local infrastructure over time.  Businesses will be attracted to areas by lower rates and local incentives.

Choosing a property that’s away from the ‘best’ part of town can save you up to 20% and bring lots more benefits in the future, as a community improves and changes.

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