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Buying a house is up there with one of the most stressful things you can do. The run up to Christmas time is spent frantically running around trying to get stuff organised and make sure everyone, right down to your Great Aunt Gwen, has got a present. Most people are put off by the thought of buying in the winter time, especially the festive period. And sellers can be winding down for Christmas too.

It’s a time for eating mince-pies and watching The Snowman, right?

Well, the festive period can be a great time to buy. Here’s why.

Spare time to look and buy

If you’ve got a couple of weeks off over Christmas then popping in a few house viewings here and there means you’ll have the luxury of being able to look at houses with a more relaxed frame of mind.

You’ll have more time to search online too and research areas; Rightmove and Zoopla see increases in house searches between Christmas Day and New Year as people look for potential new beginnings.

Softer Competition

A lot of people are put off looking for houses over winter, because let’s face it – it can be cold, wet and drab. This means that sellers can hold back on launching properties just before Christmas and plan to put them on the market in the New Year.

By looking around before New Year, you might be able to get an agent to show you some properties before they’re officially on the market and get ahead of the competition. Get in touch with Home EA and we’ll see what we can do.

Realistic Look at a Property

Because of the lack of light and the potential for a murky day, viewing a property in the winter months gives you a really good idea of what a property looks like stripped back. You can also check lots of logistic aspects that are more difficult in the spring and summer.

Look for areas in the garden that might be prone to flooding, see how effective insulation is in the property and how much natural light the property gets. Winter can expose potential strengths and weaknesses.

If you like a property in the winter, it’s a great indication for how much you’ll enjoy the property at other times of the year.

The perfect Christmas Present

You never know, you might find your dream home in the run up to Christmas! Winter viewings can give you a realistic perspective of a home and let you see it in a different light…literally.


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