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Upward Trends in Low-Deposit Mortgages and Schemes for First-time Buyers

15th February 2021 by Home Estate Agents

In summer 2020, mortgages requiring 10% deposits, were at a low level, mainly in response to Covid-19 and there were around 44 products available for buyers. This wasn’t good news if you were struggling to get on the housing market…

Lockdown Learnings

15th January 2021 by Home Estate Agents

Yes, we’re in another lockdown, but with the vaccine roll-out in full swing, the end is on the horizon! With a lot of time spent indoors and not doing our usual activities or seeing friends and family, it leaves a…

A Different type of Christmas – The pros of putting your Property for Sale before Christmas 2020

17th December 2020 by Home Estate Agents

If it was any other year, you might balk at the idea of putting your property on the market during the Christmas period. It seems like a really stressful thing to do when there’s a mountain of other things to…

Property-selling Tips for Maximizing Completion Chances before 31st March

16th November 2020 by Home Estate Agents

Property industry leaders and estate agents have joined together to call for an extension of the government’s wildly popular stamp-duty holiday. Currently, the scheme ends 31st March, but the high demand for properties has created delays in the system because…

Why Marketing your Property Well Helps You to Sell

26th October 2020 by Home Estate Agents

With the stamp duty holiday, priority changes and resurgence of the property market after being locked down due to covid-19, this is a busy time for buyers and sellers. Local lockdowns and new tier restrictions add some instability back into…

Preventing a Property Deal from Collapsing

28th September 2020 by Home Estate Agents

One of the most heart-breaking and frustrating things about buying a house is the possibility that the whole process can fall apart through no fault of your own. Lockdown in the UK put many house deals on hold and even…

A Closer Look at the Stamp Duty Holiday

7th August 2020 by Home Estate Agents

In a bid to stimulate the economy and housing market after the UK lockdown due to coronavirus, the government has announced a stamp duty holiday for buyers until 31st March 2021. Buyers that are looking at properties under £500,000 are…

Benefits of a 3D Virtual Home Tour

18th July 2020 by Home Estate Agents

Due to the ongoing covid-19 situation in the UK, house viewings can’t be carried out in the same way or with the same frequency as they normally would. By now, everyone’s used to things being different and here at Home…

Future Trends for Buyers after Covid-19

22nd June 2020 by Home Estate Agents

With everything on hold for the last months, it’s given everyone time to think and reflect on their priorities and what they want in life. It’s also brought up a variety of issues for people, such as a lack of…

The Property Market & Coronavirus Update

13th May 2020 by Home Estate Agents

Coronavirus Update Coronavirus has affected every sector, industry and individual across the UK and the property market is no different. For many people, buying and selling has been put on pause for the time being, as we all get to…

Simple DIY Projects to Makeover your Home

23rd April 2020 by Home Estate Agents

You might be wondering what to do with yourself at the moment and got plenty of time to spare, so why not fill some hours with a few straight-forward DIY projects. Even small changes can have a big impact and…

The Benefits of a 3D Virtual Home Tour

31st March 2020 by Home Estate Agents

At Home EA, we like to innovate and try out new things, so we can provide our customers with the best service possible, which often means getting to grips with new tech. We don’t shy away from a new gadget…

Safeguarding your Home and Reassuring to Buyers

21st February 2020 by Home Estate Agents

There are often factors when you’re selling your property that are completely beyond your own control. You can declutter, spruce up and makeover all manner of elements in your home, but there are also variables that are changeable and difficult…

2020 New Year’s Resolutions for Selling your Property

12th January 2020 by Home Estate Agents

It’s time to put away the cheese, hide the selection boxes and start pretending you’re going to learn French again. Yes, 2020 is upon us and with that comes a heap of new resolutions you can stick to until at…

Maximising Christmas Property Viewings

16th December 2019 by Home Estate Agents

The last thing you probably want to think abut in the run up to Christmas is trying to boost viewings for your property – you’re already waking up in a cold sweat thinking about sprout peeling and the 2312 presents…

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