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Finally, you’ve got your house on the market. Phew, the hard work is over right? Wrong!

Once your property is for sale, you’ve got to stay committed. To give yourself the best chance of making a good sale, you need to keep your eye on the ball.

We’ve put together a short checklist for you to work through each week your property is on the market. It’ll keep you focused and help you to make changes if you need to in order to maximize your chances of selling.

Keep in Contact

Your relationship with your estate agent is key, that’s why at Home EA, we’re always on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

Make sure you schedule in time to chat with your agent every week, so you can keep up to date with goings on. Keep your relationship positive and warm – like with any interaction, your agent will be naturally more invested in your property if they share a good relationship with you. This means that they’ll chat about your property more to buyers.

Ask for Stats

It’s a good idea to ask your agent if they can provide statistics and numbers about your property. How many people have been viewing it online and in person? If they can give you an idea of the popularity of your property and the interest then you can spot trends.

For example, you could decide that the photos of your property or the written text isn’t working as well as you wanted – if you’ve got stats supporting this then you can make some changes and give people what they want to see.

Keep testing out new ideas and creative solutions if you’re not getting much interest.

Investigate Competition

You should also be monitoring the competition in your area. This can give you some insight into the property prices around and how long other properties are taking to sell.

Take a look at some of the similarities and trends that seem to be attractive in properties that are selling quickly. For example, there might be features that are particularly popular that you could think about incorporating into your home to put it in a better position to sell.

Competition can give you some really good tips for your own property strategy and generally some insight into the area, how popular it is and what buyers in your price range are looking for.

Maintain and Clean

This probably goes without saying, but making sure you maintain standards in your property is super important. Don’t just make your property look fantastic at the beginning of your selling stage and for the first few viewings – you’ve got to make sure that everything is clean, tidy and in top condition.

Failing to maintain standards mans that buyers won’t see your property with the enthusiasm it deserves and they won’t get the ‘wow factor’ that you’re trying to give them. Don’t lose heart if your property doesn’t sell straight away, keep working hard and maintaining it.

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