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It’s time to put away the cheese, hide the selection boxes and start pretending you’re going to learn French again. Yes, 2020 is upon us and with that comes a heap of new resolutions you can stick to until at least next week!

If your property is on the market at the moment, then it’s well worth coming up with some resolutions that are actually simple to stick to and will benefit you in the long-run. Some small changes could be the difference between a sale or a few more months of waiting.

Fresh First Impressions

When it’s your own property, it can be difficult to be completely objective. You can be so used to how something looks that you don’t notice that it needs a fresh lick of paint or something isn’t working. Try to zoom out from your property and see it through a buyer’s eyes – does the front garden look a mess? Is it too cluttered? Are your curtains looking tired? First impressions count, so looking at your house from a pavement perspective and injecting some brutal honesty into proceedings is sensible.

Let there be Light

Making your property as light, airy and spacious as possible is a must! We bang on about it to buyers and sellers all the time, as it’s one of the most influential and important factors when looking for a property. Use natural light to your advantage and ensure your curtains and blinds aren’t limiting light during the day, open doors into the garden or cleverly position mirrors to maximise light. You can go for neutral colour tones too, so that light bounces and reflects off walls to make rooms look bigger and more spacious.


It’s all about the senses these days – you can use some little tweaks and tricks to give your buyers a bit of subconscious swaying. Natural smells like lavender and citrus/lemon are great fresh fragrances that are pleasant but not too overpowering. Having plants and flowers around can be very attractive and bring a bit of the outdoors in, especially in rooms that are naturally dark or a bit smaller. In the winter time, it can be good to promote cosiness and a nice warm atmosphere, so having throws and cushions can add some texture and a luxurious type of comfort.

Fix-up and get Organised

As always, keeping everything in tip-top condition in your home is a given when you’re looking to sell it. Eagle eyed buyers will be on the look out for the tiniest things, so making sure you keep on top of maintenance and make a property look good to go and easy to move into is wise. Don’t put off the little things and they’re worth investing in to overcome the small margins that can make someone choose another property.

Being organised and regularly de-cluttering is important too – buyers look at the special potential in properties, so making sure they can see that properly and keeping objects and clutter minimal helps them to do that.

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