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5 Easy Fixes to make before you put your House on the Market

Home Estate Agents / October 6th 2016 / 0 comments

So, you’re going to put your house on the market. It’s a big step and it’ll no doubt lead to a happier, brighter future. First, you want to make sure your house sells and potential property buyers see it in its full glory. There a lots of simple things you can do to your house before you put it on the market to ensure that you give it the best possible chance of being sold and show people you home in the positive way that you see it. Here are 5 easy fixes you can make before your house goes on the market.


This one’s a biggie. Making sure that your house is clean, tidy and decluttered can help people to see how much space there is in your house and the potential that there is to make it into their own. Having areas taken up by lots of unnecessary furniture or clutter will immediately make people see your rooms as smaller, which you don’t want. We all accumulate lots of stuff over time, so making a space look attractive helps people buy into your lifestyle and imagine themselves living it. Cleaning everything from top to bottom goes without saying too, it’s worth it!


Not everyone will be concerned by the way your garden looks, but sprucing it up by trimming hedges, getting some nice hanging baskets and mowing your lawn all help to create the appearance that your home is neat, tidy and attractive.


You don’t have to declutter everything so your house becomes bare and uninviting thought, leave items that add personality to your home. It can be a throw on your sofa or curtains that add a bit of pattern and colour or plants that inject some life and vibrancy into your property. Flowers will make your property smell nicer too. Leave some personal touches to make the house look attractive. Too much of a niche taste can be a problem though, give your walls a lick of paint with more neutral, understated colours; the walls will looks brighter and bigger.


Wall mirrors are a great way to make rooms looks bigger, especially in smaller rooms. Clean windows and well-lit rooms will also help to make your house look more spacious, by making them appear light and airy to potential buyers.


The kitchen is widely regarded as the most important room in the house, so making sure it’s updated and looks great is a good idea. There are lots of quick fixes you can make like updating your cabinets and surfaces if they’re letting the kitchen down. Make sure your surfaces are clear and clean when people look around, so they can see how much space there is. New plumbing fixtures can make a difference too. Ensure your kitchen and home smells nice too; light, citrus smells are the best scents.


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