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It’s fair to say that people have all sorts of weird and wonderful tastes and you can’t rely on the idea that everyone will love what you’ve done with your property. In fact, there are some interior design trends that seem to be more unpopular than others.

That’s not to say that you might strike lucky and find the perfect buyer for your exquisite taste, but here are a few tips that you can use to make sure that your home appeals to as many people as possible.

Avocado Bathrooms

Having a bathroom bathed in avocado tones is one of the most unpopular design features that a property can have. Avocado toast might be on-trend, but unfortunately we can’t say the same for bathrooms. You often hear them being joked about on property shows like Location, Location, Location and it’s probably because of their connotations to the 70s and signally that a property is a bit stuck in the past.

Picking a plain, minimalist bathroom is the most sensible option, as it means that someone moving in won’t have to overhaul your style and spend more pennies.

Textured wallpaper

Now, textured wallpaper does have the potential to look really good with some superb patterns, but sadly it’s not loved by everyone. Having a textured room can detract from other features and can sometimes take away from the pattern or colour you’ve chosen. It can look quite dated and thicker than average wallpaper.

Wallpaper without texture can be a safer option and it doesn’t distract a buyer from other aspects of your property.

Wood panelling

Using wood panelling in your home can automatically turn some buyers off, especially first-time buyers who are looking for something more neutral and modern. Wood panelling can look old-fashioned and overwhelming to remove and it suits a very acquired taste.

It’s not a common occurrence in properties, so having wood panelling can instantly cross your property off a list amongst many homes without it. If someone wants to remove it then it’s more money they’re going to have to factor in to their budget.

Patterned carpet

A carpet with outlandish pattern or something distracting can be another eye-sore for potential buyers. Most buyers will want a plain, neutral carpet that fits in with the rest of your décor. Having a patterned carpet means that if someone wants to redecorate the walls, they’ll probably have to overhaul the carpet too, as it probably won’t fit in with the rest of their theme.

Like paint and wallpaper – going for a carpet that’s modern, neutral and easily matched with most colours is a good choice.

Built-in bar

If you like a tipple or two then you might enjoy having a bar in your new home, but the chances are that a potential buyer will want to rip it out, so they have more space. A bar doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle choices, so making a house bar-free and neutral means that you’ll appeal to more people, especially families.


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