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You’re looking to sell your property, but you haven’t got a lot of budget to work with. Sound familiar?

Well, of course there are lots of big projects you can take on to modernise your property and make it more attractive, energy efficient and bigger, but we’re looking at quick fixes that don’t take a lot of time or money.

So, let’s take a look at some quick ways to modernise your property and get it ready for buyers:

Modern Minimalism

One of the best ways to modernise your property is to…take stuff out! Streamlining your property and removing bulky items, furniture and unnecessary clutter can really open up the spaces in your home and help buyers realise its potential.

Minimalism doesn’t just have to be about space, it can be about accessories and décor too. Take away heavy rugs and curtains which restrict light and add extra conflicting textures. Remove knick-knacks that clutter your home and don’t need to be there. Use simple colour palettes and tones, so that you don’t overwhelm buyers with lots of clashing colours and patterns.

Minimalism is about calm, tranquil spaces that show off space and use natural light.

Open-Plan if you can

If it’s possible and won’t cause too much structural upheaval then removing partition or internal walls to open up spaces and create more room in your home can be a good idea. Having open-plan spaces is attractive for younger buyers and first-time buyers that are looking for something modern and spacious.

Having several, smaller rooms can be more restrictive in a property and doesn’t foster as much of a community feel, so sometimes families, couples or individuals are looking for something more open and welcoming.

Sort out your Internet

One of the growing priorities for buyers when they’re looking to buy in an area is internet speed. Now, sometimes you can be restricted by factors beyond your control, but if there are measures that you can take to help boost the internet speed in your property then by all means, do it.

With more and more people working/studying from home or just relying on fast internet for their leisure time – boosting your internet speed could be a quick win.

Spruce up the Kitchen

Kitchens can be a make-or-break for some buyers, so taking a bit of time to improve your kitchen area and make it fit for purpose is recommended. And you don’t have to break the bank – investing in some new surfaces, worktops and fittings can work wonders.

Get experimental and use patterned or coloured tiles to enhance an area and create the illusion of a high-cost design.

If you’ve got money to spend on smart appliances then they’re worth it too and instantly help to make a kitchen space more modern.

Upgrade your Shower

Another quick win is to improve your bathroom situation if your shower is sub-standard. It’s one of those things that really make a difference to a home-owner’s day if they’re guaranteed to have a good shower. If you can guarantee that your shower is effective then it’s something a buyer can cross off their list of reasons not to buy or things they need to do.

When your water pressure’s low and you don’t have a combi boiler, increase the pressure by installing a pump and fitting a thermostatic shower valve which will keep temperatures level.

If you need any more tips, advice or help with selling your property – get in touch with Home EA today.


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