5 Reasons why you should Declutter before you Sell your Home

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It almost goes without saying, but giving your home an almighty clean and tidy before you put it on the market is a good idea. And that goes for before a potential buyer comes around for a viewing and when your estate agent is taking photos of your property too.

You know what they say – a tidy home is a tidy mind, so it can be a stress relieving exercise too. Decluttering will also leave you with less work to do when you eventually sell your home and need to move all of your possessions to your new property. Hopefully you’ll only be taking your essentials and not 10 years’ worth of school reports too!

So, why else should you declutter?

Show off your Space

Decluttering can really help you to utilise the space you have in your home. It’s one of the top things people are looking out for when viewing a house to buy – how much space is there? If you’re taking up precious space with boxes and knick-knacks then you’re doing a disservice to the potential space your home has. Try to minimise your items and layout to make your space look bigger.

It keeps you Organised

If you do all of the hard work before you sell then it’ll make it much easier for you when you’re moving into another property. Decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need can free up space and give you some extra cash in the kitty if you sell items. You can stay organised and have less to move into your new home and less stress when you’re trying to organise what to take to your new property.

Clean and tidy

When people view a clean and tidy home, it automatically makes the property more appealing. It helps people to visualise themselves living in the home you’re selling. Clean and tidy homes can accentuate attractive points about the property and generally make things more spacious, light and airy.

Chance to Redecorate

Clutter might have been holding you back from redecorating some of the rooms in your home, so having a spring clean gives you the chance to redecorate too. Giving your house a lick of paint can work wonders, so clearing out things you don’t need gives you the space to make sure your property is in tip-top condition before potential buyers come to have a look around.

Uncover problems

Having a clear-out also uncovers problems or hazards you might not have spotted or have been hidden away. You don’t want to find problems at the last minute, so decluttering your property and ensuring it’s prepared for viewings means getting all the odd-jobs sorted and making sure everything is in order.

Make sure your property looks at its best and you’ll be inundated with enquiries in no time!


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