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Summer is a lovely time of the year. The sun’s out, people are generally happier and it feels like there’s lots more going on. It can also be quite a good time to look to buy a property.

Traditionally, people might be a bit wary of selling and buying in the summer because it’s a time of upheaval – sellers are on holiday, it might be more difficult to contact everyone involved in a sale and there aren’t as many properties on the market, as people want to enjoy their summer instead of selling.

Let’s look at a few reasons why buying in the summer could be a good time for you though:

Properties look their Best

You’re really going to see the best of a property in the summer. Gardens are glorious, rooms are light and spacious and everything looks a bit nicer when the sun’s out.

When you’re buying a property, you’re looking for a wow factor and a home with character and it’s easier to see that immediately when you’re viewing in the summer.

If you’re after a nice garden area then you can see the potential in the summer and envisage yourself using it – much easier than on a wet and cold November evening!

Light is a massive factor when viewing a property’s interior and in the summer you can see where the sunspots are and how light affects the space in a property.

Better Communication

Yes, people will still be going on holiday in the summertime, including a seller or an estate agent, that won’t change. But modern technology means that sellers can still get in touch with their estate agent and you by pinging an email from the beach, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything gets delayed and dies down when people are away.

More Time to View

Because it obviously stays lighter for longer in the summer, you’ve probably got more options when it comes to viewing a property. As we mentioned, ideally you don’t want to view a property in the dark, but if your work schedule is restrictive or you’ve got children to look after then you’re only going to have time during the week after work or school in the winter. In the summer, you can be more flexible with timings and see a property properly and well-lit in the evening.

Easier to Move

It’s not very appealing to think about moving everything from one property to another in cold, rainy conditions. Obviously with a British summer, there’s no guarantee it won’t rain, but it’s more likely that you can be packing up all your things and moving to another property in more pleasant surroundings.

It can also be easier to move in the sense that some people that are selling over the summer will be anxious to complete a sale and get it sorted before the new school term begins – they’ll want to move into their new property and get their family settled too, so there can be a mutual understanding that a quick summer sale is better for all parties.

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