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Cost-effective Home Improvements for Autumn

Home Estate Agents / September 17th 2018 / 0 comments

Summer’s almost over and we’re still holding onto those heady days of not having to wear a coat outside. Autumn’s popular for buying and selling homes, as September rolls in with plenty of new beginnings.

There are always tweaks and improvements that you can make to your home to make it more attractive to buyers, so let’s take a look at some practical tips for this autumn and your home.

Comfy and Cosy

Autumn sees the darker nights drawing in and a cold chill in the air, so making your home seem extra snug and cosy to potential buyers is a good shout. How can you do this? Using lots of layers and textures can make an instant difference – we’re talking blankets, curtains, rugs, anything that adds a bit more thick fabric and texture.

If you’ve got a fireplace and you’re showing people around in the evening, then making a point of highlighting it or having it lit if it is extra cold can emphasise comfort.

Energy-efficient Home

Make sure you point out your energy ratings and how you’ve insulated your home – people will be looking out for this sort of thing in colder weather and want to see that they’ll be making a good investment.

With this in mind, if you haven’t made adjustments to your home in terms of insulation and green alternatives then it’s well-worth investing in. Most buyers will expect double glazing, so making sure all of your windows are done beforehand makes it more likely it won’t crop up as an obstacle. Have you got smart meters and smart tech to help with insulation etc? Try to make energy efficient improvements and look at upgrading boilers and insulation.

Natural tones

Décor that embraces nature-inspired tones, colours and textures helps to reflect the changing of the seasons outside. Lots of vibrant house plants can keep certain rooms in your home looking fresh, lively and full of personality. Leaf prints and energising greens can give some of your rooms a lift that you want to keep looking more spring/summer-inspired.

After all, people might be viewing your home in autumn, but that doesn’t mean that every room has to be cosy and snug necessarily. You can provoke people’s imaginations and provide spaces that are more summer-infused, so they can imagine themselves living in your property in the summer months. Pineapple, tropical prints are especially vibrant and can add a fun, playful aspect to a room with on-trend décor.

Spruce-up the Garden

Obviously, things will start to look a bit different in your garden space as autumn draws in. Seasonal flux means that you need to keep on top of garden maintenance as things change. Make sure that your garden is clean and tidy before prospective buyers come to visit your property. Some people might not be concerned with a garden, but for others, it can be the main factor when buying a new home. Fixing fences, clearing leaves and generally sprucing up your garden so it’s neat and well-maintained will stand you in good stead.

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