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You’d be forgiven for focusing heavily on the interior of your property when you’re looking to sell. Most of a viewer’s time is going to be spent snooping about inside, getting to grips with every room and feature in your home.

But obviously the exterior is really important too and can be a make or break when it comes to a sale. Making a good first impression is crucial and can introduce buyers to your property with a favourable opinion before they’ve taking a step through the door.

Here’s some exterior features to improve.


Buyers are looking for value for money and under this bracket comes energy efficiency. With people taking more care over their carbon footprint and looking to make savings when they can, energy efficiency is a top priority for buyers.

93% of homes in the UK have double glazing, so if your property has older windows that haven’t been updated for years, you can count on buyers noticing, as they’ll end up paying more on heating bills. This will have an impact on energy bills and also maintenance costs. If there are too many aspects of a property that need updating, buyers might end up going elsewhere.


This factor can be completely out of your control and with families rarely owning just one car, outdoor and street parking can be a complete nightmare in some areas. Again, parking is going to be pretty high one most buyer’s priority list. They don’t want to have to compete with neighbours for spots or have to park away from their property. A dedicated parking spot can add a lot of value to your home.

If possible, it’s well worth looking into whether you can convert your front garden into a drive with a dedicated spot if you can get planning permission. It might not look great, but buyers will be more attracted to a practical solution in a busy area.


A garage can help to solve parking issues instantly, but it’s also something that some buyers will be looking for anyway, regardless of parking. Someone might want dedicated space for projects and hobbies, or just storage and a garage is a good solution.

Garages can add thousands in value to your property, even more so than lofts and basements. The ground-floor accessibility they provide gives another dimension to the storage capacity in a property and is much easier to get in and out of.

If you’ve got the space for it, it’s an investment that will pay-off.


Damaged rooves can ring alarm bells for buyers. Disrepair can cost a lot of time and money to sort out, especially depending on the season. Poor insulation, moss, broken tiles can all be costly to replace and repair and it’s not something that buyers are going to want to have to sort out and pay for when they first move into a property. This could put someone off buying a property at all!

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