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How to Boost the Emotional Value of your Home

Home Estate Agents / March 20th 2019 / 0 comments

Human beings are funny creatures – we make a whole host of decisions every day, based on emotion, instead of logic. Yes, facts are important, but there are some choices that we move instinctively towards because of things we can’t quite put our finger on.

The world of advertising is built on emotion. Adverts are designed to make a customer feel a particular way about a product or brand. Well, you can do the same thing with your property.

There are some things that are tricky to change about your property, for example, you can’t pretend it has 7 bedrooms when it actually has 2. But, you can try to alter the way people think about your property and boost its emotional value.

Logical Value

The logical value of your property is based on a monetary calculation. Online estate agents might just have instant calculators that look at geographical location and rely on algorithms, instead of context to come up with a valuation that reflects the true value of your property.

A good estate agent knows that the emotional worth of a property is much higher than the logical price. Buyers are multi-faceted human beings, with a kaleidoscope of different life experiences, personalities and desires that all feed into the house-buying process.

Emotional Value

Certain roads and areas are popular and sought-after. And it takes local knowledge and data gathering to notice trends and talking points. This is something that inexperienced estate agents or algorithms just aren’t going to be able to take note of – which could be the difference between achieving an extra 10 grand in the sale of your property.

How can you push the emotional value of your property?

Great photos and high-quality marketing resources are a good start. Using 3D videos, professional photography and knowing where and what to photograph are key ways to make a big impact when buyers are viewing your property online.

The benefits of writing persuasive copy shouldn’t be overlooked either. Being able to clearly communicate the benefits and features of a property, whilst managing to promote the unique selling points that set it apart from the rest is essential. The way you write and what you write are all cheap, simple ways to make a big impact.

It’s using photos, marketing and copy that allows you to build an emotional connection with viewers. What is it that makes a property so special? Promote the community, local amenities and try to tie n the things that are important in people’s lives. Is the garden especially attractive? Are there nice parks nearby for walking the dog? What’s the community like, is there a bustling scene for getting to know people and new hobbies?

Having a great estate agent that can communicate these types of emotional factors is the difference between settling for a logical, detached asking price that doesn’t take into account the unique things that makes your property special.

For more advice about making your property shine online and communicating exactly what makes it so attractive to buyers, get in touch with Home EA today.

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