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Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s a social hub and where your friends or family can gather to have a natter, binge-watch your favourite shows and more often than not, eat your dinner!

When buyers and viewing a property, one of their top priorities is looking at the living spaces available and whether there’s enough potential to create a homely, welcoming living room.

Making sure that you show your space in the best light is essential, so let’s look at some tips for staging your living room.

Sofa Suite

Obviously, people are going to have their own tastes and move their own furniture into a property, but that doesn’t mean that your own tastes and choices wont influence how they see a room. If you’ve got a tired, scruffy old sofa suite, buyers aren’t going to be mightily impressed or get a Wow factor from a room.

Old sofas make buyers think the rest of your property is dated or old-fashioned. Spending a bit of money on sprucing up your suite or buying something modern and neutral, will reflect well on the rest of your property and appeal to more buyers.

Also, never neglect the power of a cushion and accessories. You don’t have to splash out on a new sofa, but buying some nice throws and cushions can add some style and colour to an old suite.

Tired Carpet

Again, walking into a living room and seeing a tired, frayed or stained carpet isn’t going to work wonders. Replacing your carpet might be out of your budget, but having it professionally cleaned can make a world of difference and freshen up a living room. Showing that you care and look after your home gives buyers a better impression of your property.


A well-lit room doesn’t necessarily mean filling it with lamps and light fittings (although if you’re showing your home in the winter and dark evenings – make sure you’ve got adequate lighting for cosiness) – maximizing the natural light entering a living space through windows will create the illusion of a bigger, more positive space.

Lighting can go a long way in changing and altering the atmosphere in a room, depending on what you want it to be.

Walls and Décor

Giving your living room a fresh lick of paint can transform a space. When buyers come to view your property, you need to appeal to as many people as possible – you won’t do this with out-dated décor or a really niche style that alienates lots of buyers. If you’re going to redecorate then it’s worth picking out a neutral colour scheme – this is a good idea because it allows people to easily imagine themselves living in the space and they will think that they won’t have to do as much work as they imagined if they already like a room.

Finishing Touches

As we mentioned, accessories can really add to a room. Don’t go overboard and look like a hoarder, but a few intelligently placed plants, cushions, curtains etc can make a living room look great.

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