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Yes, it’s that time of the year, when all the predictions for the year ahead fly in. Lots of factors influence interior design trends, fashion, economics, art, lifestyle trends…and they all combine together to bring us lots of new trends to try our hand and see if they turn a drab space into something more eclectic.

The pandemic has turbo-charged and shifted lots of interior design trends – with more uptake and time for people to change décor and interiors. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead for 2022:


If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that mental health and wellbeing are incredibly important to nurture and what better way to do this than using nature. Plants, natural materials, fabrics, tones can help to create a more tranquil, calming atmosphere, which can be especially appealing for people viewing your property if you’re looking to sell. Buyers will want to envisage that they can relax in a property and helping them to see this vision with calm vibes and bringing a bit of the outside indoors.


Because we’ve had lots of time spent at home, upcycling is another trend that’s really caught on. The jist of it involves taking old, often discarded items, giving them a spruce up and turning them into a new useable and attractive piece of furniture. Antique and charity shops can be treasure troves for all kinds of weird and wonderful items that just need to right owner to give them a second chance and a new lease of life. Upcycled items can go really well with minimalist décor themes, so if someone’s viewing your property they can see the amount of space that’s been maximized and see how the space could work for them more clearly.


Making your property more sustainable is an ongoing trend that will only become more important as the years go by. We’ve all got a responsibility to do our bit when it comes to our carbon-footprint and there are loads of ways you can design your property and its décor in an eco-friendlier way. The materials you choose to use such as reclaimed woods, recycled metal and glass will be looked on more favourably by buyers that want to live more sustainable lifestyles and combine this with smarter environmental ways of living.

Dark Blues

In terms of colours, dark blue is a new favourite on the décor scene. As having black walls and décor can be a bit too extreme, dark blue is seen as a luxurious alternative that creates a plush cosy atmosphere and allows people to contrast with other colours. It’s also a calming, tranquil colour which is great for using in a bedroom or somewhere you want it to feel relaxing and snug.

These are just a few ideas that are well worth trying out if you want to spruce up your property before a viewing. For more ideas or info, contact our team at Home EA today.


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