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Lockdown Learnings

Home Estate Agents / January 15th 2021 / 0 comments

Yes, we’re in another lockdown, but with the vaccine roll-out in full swing, the end is on the horizon! With a lot of time spent indoors and not doing our usual activities or seeing friends and family, it leaves a considerable time left to think!

One of the most common things to ponder over is where you live. Having to stare at four walls for longer than normal means that you can’t help but make some conclusions about your immediate surroundings and perhaps your neighbourhood too.

With property viewings online and offline going through the roof, people have been reassessing life choices here, there and everywhere, so what have people been learning in lockdown?


The big thing that we hear time and time again is that people are on the lookout for more space. It’s unsurprising, as lockdown means you have to occupy yourself at home and everyone that live sin your house is at home more and all at once more! Having everyone together or having to navigate your property as a workspace as well can give you some insight into how much space you’d like and whether your property will work for you in the long-term.

Covid-19 will have accelerated a lot of plans and ideas that might have been pipe-dreams at some point, so buyers will be looking to up-size or down-size, which will have been especially highlighted during lockdown.

With home offices, home gyms and study spaces being much sought after, buyers will be looking for properties where they can maximise on space to fit in with things they’ve discovered in lockdown or think they’d like to stick with in the future.

People will have had time to think more about big life decisions too – such as kids, elderly parents moving in, more pets etc and will want to plan for this, with space being an important factor.


If there’s one aspect of life that we’ve all embraced this year, it’s the outside, or rather the great outdoors. Green space has been a massive benefit to our collective mental health and wellbeing as people have flocked to enjoy outdoor space as a respite from spending all out time indoors. Lots of people will have discovered a love for nature and the doors that they might not have tapped into before.

Keeping this in mind, green space will become even more of a key factor when people look for new properties. Having a park, nature reserve or green space on your doorstep or in close proximity can have a real impact on general health and enjoyment of a neighbourhood. Especially if a buyer has children or enjoys exercising, green space can become a big deciding factor.

Home Improvements

Lots of time to spare has led to a soaring in home improvements. If you’re looking to sell then it’s worth using this time to spruce up your property and fix or improve on any features that could do with some TLC and could be enhanced. This can help your property to stand out from the crowd and could make it more attractive to potential buyers.

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