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Millennial Trends you can use to Sell your Property

Home Estate Agents / October 20th 2017 / 0 comments

If you’re selling your property in an area that’s attractive to first-time buyers and young professionals then marketing your property in a way that maximizes its ‘millennial factor’ is a good idea.

There are loads of factors you can consider – what décor is trendy at the moment? How can you improve your property to suit young professionals’ priorities? Which features of your property should you be emphasising?

Let’s have a look at the millennial trends you can incorporate into your selling process:


This is a biggie. Buyers are looking for clean, smart spaces that emphasise what they can do with the space on offer. So, when you’re preparing your property for sale, having a massive declutter and moving furniture around to maximize space is important. Minimalist design can instantly make a property look more modern. Sleek organisation can appeal to young professionals, as it’s easier to imagine themselves living in the property.

It’s not just about tidy spaces – the décor you use is part of the minimalist movement too. White walls, less stuff and more space is a good minimalist mantra to follow.

Forward-thinking Ideas

With new and diverse ways of working becoming a firm staple in the modern economy, thinking about how young professionals prioritise their time can lead to some different property layouts. Instead of a dining room or an extra bedroom, you could think about turning a room into an office space to present new opportunities to buyers and come up with ways to suit the millennial lifestyle.

Living in an area with good Wi-Fi speeds is something you should shout about to a generation of buyers who rely on digital infrastructure for work, life and play.

Energy Efficiency

Young buyers want value for their money and smart technology to make their property efficient. If you’ve got some of the latest energy-saving ideas in your property then this will appeal to buyers looking for reasonable household bills and environmentally friendly technology. Double glazing, efficient central heating systems, insulation, solar panels and smart meters are all ways to keep costs down and design your property for efficient energy usage.

Utilise Garden Space

If you’ve got a property with a garden then showcasing its potential to buyers is a savvy idea. Young professionals might be looking to start a family soon or just like to have a space where they can socialise with friends. Installing a clean patio area can provide inspiration for seating areas and hot-tub ideas.

You can remove as much excess foliage as possible to show how the space in your garden can be used – an extension, an office shed, a water feature, flower beds. It’s important that it looks neat and attractive, but also doesn’t look like lots of work and upkeep is involved.

Modern Kitchen Area

Healthy home cooking and experimental recipes are all part of a fit lifestyle and for a younger generation that are increasingly aware of the benefits of fresh food and meal plans, having a modern kitchen with suitable appliances to prepare food in can be a big selling point.

The decline of the traditional dining room means that kitchens can be more of a focal point for younger buyers, so investing in a modern kitchen can reap rewards.

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