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Safeguarding your Home and Reassuring to Buyers

Home Estate Agents / February 21st 2020 / 0 comments

There are often factors when you’re selling your property that are completely beyond your own control. You can declutter, spruce up and makeover all manner of elements in your home, but there are also variables that are changeable and difficult to influence.

One of those variables is crime and safety in your area. Unfortunately, if your neighbourhood has become a burglary hot-spot, you’re limited in what you can do to prevent people searching for this kind of info before buying your property.

And safety is one of the top priorities on people’s lists – they want to feel comfortable and at ease in their new home.

So, what can you do if you’re living in an area with rising crime to reassure buyers?

Invest in Locks

Protecting your property from burglars is a given, but you can go a bit further by properly investing in robust safety locks for your doors and windows. Get a qualified locksmith to recommend and fit some decent locks, so you can use this as a signifier to buyers that your property has been strengthened and you’ve taken steps to safeguard it. This will mean less work for them if they move in, especially in the early stages when they’ve got other pressing priorities and might not have time to sure up the property yet.


A really good deterrent and preventative measure when facing the threat of burglary is a CCTV camera system. Even having a visible sign or sticker that says it’s in operation could be the difference between a criminal deciding not to take the risk of breaking into your property when they could be captured on footage. Having a camera system in place is an attractive feature for buyers, because it’s something that they can continue with and it shows that there’s already a preventative measure in place.

Light sensors are also an effective way to show you’re being proactive about securing the property and new buyers can easily continue to use sensors. Alarms and more sophisticated smart systems can also be used. When getting an alarm fitted, make sure it’s accredited by National Security Inspectorate (NSI) – a NACOSS Gold supplier – or the Security Systems an Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB).

It depends on the way you feel in your area, but as a note of caution, getting the balance right is recommended, as buyers that walk into a property protected like Fort Knox might start to become a bit more suspicious or worried about how bad an area really is.

Fencing and Shrubbery

Making sure you keep on top of garden maintenance makes your property look nicer, but it also makes it more difficult to be broken into. Having strong, resolute fencing in your garden can stop burglars from entering and bushes and hedges can make the task a lot more difficult for them too. Don’t go overboard with gigantic bushes and unattractive fencing, but having a protective layer in place, as well as other safety precautions we’ve mentioned can help to safeguard a property in an area with crime and reassure buyers.

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