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You might be wondering what to do with yourself at the moment and got plenty of time to spare, so why not fill some hours with a few straight-forward DIY projects. Even small changes can have a big impact and there might be some fiddly jobs you’ve been putting off for ages – time to get moving.

Whether you’re preparing your home to sell or you’ve just moved into a new property, we’ve put together some low-key DIY jobs that you can try at home and not break the bank in the process.

Hanging Photos

You’ve probably built up a growing collection of photos of family and friends over the years and because they’re mostly stored on our phones these days, you can easily overlook printing them off. Well why not do a photo audit and go through your collection and print off the best ones.

There are lots of websites that will print off photos and send them to you for affordable prices – then it’s just up to you to frame them and decide where to place or hang your photos. It’s a lovely reminder and testament to the people (and four-legged friends!) that mean the most to you.


There’s always value in old junk lying around…well not always, but lots of items can be given a new lease of life and turned into something else.

Got some old palettes that are going to waste? Give them a lick of paint and turn them into a new outdoor sofa area, so you can relax in the garden. You can add cushions and colour to make them bright and attractive.

Another upcycling tip we love is turning old chest of drawers into a planter for your garden. Take the drawers out, paint them and put some plastic lining in the bottom to hold some soil. Then pop your chosen plants and flowers in there and watch them flourish!

Front Door Makeover

It never seems the right time to paint your frontdoor and you can easily put it off for ages. With people coming in and out all the time or expecting deliveries most days, it seems like an inconvenient and time-intensive thing to do.

Well, you’ll need to do it at some point, so if you’ve got some time on your hands and not expecting many visitors, it’s worth giving your front door a lick of paint to refresh it. Choosing a new colour can make a massive difference and completely change your perspective on the front of your house.

The same goes for fences, kitchen units and painting floorboards!

Hang new Curtains

Again, this is a relatively easy thing to do, but it just seems like it’ll take ages and there’s more important tasks. But new curtains can drastically change the vibe and theme of your rooms, depending on the seasons. You don’t want anything too dark and oppressive in the lighter months, as you want to make the most of as much light as possible.

Hang that pair that you’ve had knocking around for a while or even make some new ones!

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