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As we head into spring, the nights are getting lighter and things are starting to get warmer, which for most of us is a welcome change, especially as it coincides with the loosening of lockdown restrictions.

Seasonally, spring is usually a very buoyant time in the UK property market anyway and especially this year, as the stamp duty holiday has been extended until the end of June 2021. The impact that covid-19 and the UK lockdown has had on many people’s aspirations and perspectives is incredibly unpredictable in some ways, but looks to have shifted people towards new choices, including buying and selling properties.

So, how can you make the most of the spring bounce and market your property in the next few months?

Declutter and Spring Clean

This point goes without saying and no matter what time of the year it is, you should be decluttering your space and making sure it’s as sparkling clean as possible. Try to make sure that you’re decluttering and cleaning in a way that maximizes the space that you have so you can show it off as much as possible to prospective buyers.

Apply this principle to before you’re even showing anyone around the property and ensure everything’s clean and tidy before marketing photos are taken. These are the photos that act as a gateway between a browse and hopefully a viewing, so make the most of them.

Create an environment and the perfect condition for a sale with a few simple tips such as:

  • Letting in as much natural light as you can, cleaning your windows, removing clutter from your windows to let light in.
  • Wipe down all your surfaces and remove dust.
  • Replace and freshen up sealant.
  • Use fragrant cleaning sprays and polishes, instead of bleaches which can smell more clinical.
  • Remove furniture and clean behind every item.
  • Get rid of unnecessary nick-nacks and personal items. This makes it more difficult for people to imagine themselves living somewhere if there are constant reminders of sentimentality. It can also be messy!
  • Make sure all the rooms you’re showing or photographing are functional and show their usage – i.e if you have a spare room that you’re using for storage, make sure that you remove clutter or leave a desk in there to show it can be used as an office or extra bedroom.
  • Clean linen, towels, cushions and curtains to keep things fresh.
  • Touch up paintwork and aim for neutral colours to show off space.
  • Tidy up your garden to show its potential and fresh flowers in your kitchen is always a good touch.

Daylight Hours

A lot of virtual viewings are still going on at the moment, but once a potential buyer gets serious, they’ll want to view your property.

Make the most of the longer days in the spring and host viewings in light, bright hours, so buyers can thoroughly see your property. Take advantage of the extra time you’ve got to show your property.

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