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When you want to sell your property, you’ve got to make sure that it’s maximising its potential so that you can maximise the chances of finding successful buyers. One of the key rooms in any property is the living room – it’s naturally where most families and friends congregate to relax and actually end up spending most of their time. 

With this in mind, sprucing up your living room and giving it the wow factor is one of the best things you can do to increase the chance of a sale. Let’s look at some hacks that you can use to improve your living room.

A new Sofa

If you’ve got a dull, tired sofa in your living room then people will look at your living room as a dated space that is lacklustre. A sagging sofa that looks well-worn is such an eye-catching object in a room, it is the overwhelming piece of furniture that someone would look at first. Swapping an old sofa for something more modern can give your living room a much more current look. It’ll give you some much needed style points and bring your living room into 2022 and beyond. It’s definitely worth the investment.


An old and dirty carpet can instantly make your living room look neglected and not looked after properly. An updated carpet can inject some extra energy into you room and refresh it. You don’t want your property to look as if it’s not looked after, because then buyers will suspect that other areas of your property are neglected too. The overall impression you want to give off is one of a well ordered and tidy home, so install a carpet that says the same.


Décor that’s really loud or clashing can put off buyers, so going for a theme that’s a bit more neutral or muted can help buyers to project their own ideas onto a property, like a blank canvas. Most people won’t be put off by neutral tones, so you won’t alienate buyers and you’ll increase the chances of someone seeing potential in your property.

If your décor is too much to your personal taste then it could end up taking longer to sell your property, as it won’t be as straight-forward for someone to see the potential on offer.


Try to limit the number of accessories that you’ve got in your living room, as you don’t want to create a cluttered space that buyers feel like they have to wade to in order to see the proper space available in your living room. Sentimental or personal items and accessories can be off-putting as well, as it can prevent buyers from being about to visualise themselves living in your property. You can swap in some more current/on-trend accessories. The same goes for art or pieces that might be quite unusual or controversial – they could confuse the process instead of enhancing your property.

For more info or advice around staging your living room or anything to do with selling your property – get in touch with our team at Home EA today.


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