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Top 10 tips when preparing for a viewing

Home Estate Agents / December 24th 2012 / 0 comments

We all know that selling your home can be a scary and nerve-wracking process. Not just the money aspect but many people feel uncomfortable taking viewings. Inviting a stranger into your home could be opening yourself up to possible criticisms, or the praise you always knew you’re house deserved.

We’ve put together our top 10 tips when preparing for a viewing in the hopes of making them as easy and stress free as possible.

1. Tidy up, this might seem like an obvious one but trust us, many people feel the motto ‘your mess is my mess’ is appropriate and just don’t bother.

2. Lose the kids and the dog for half an hour. If you know their noisy then next door just might not be far enough; you don’t want to be hearing them through the walls!

3. Make sure everywhere smells nice (but not 5 minutes before or the viewer will be choking on air freshener!)

4. Pop the heating on, but like the 3 bears porridge; not too hot and not too cold, just right!

5. Tidy yourself up; someone who takes pride in themself will surely take pride in their home.

6. Tidy the garden, not many people want a jungle and excuses just won’t cut it (pardon the pun!)

7. Smile when you open the door, no one’s going to feel at home if the person showing them round acts like they don’t want them there.

8. Offer them a drink, whether they accept it or not they will feel welcomed and at home.

9. Don’t be pushy and let them set their own pace, no one wants to feel hurried around.

10. Ask questions “Where are you moving from?” “Were you brought up around here?” Everyone loves to talk about themselves so let them and they’ll warm to you.

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