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Ideally, you’ll be able to sell your home as quickly and swiftly as possible – the longer the process goes on, the more stressful it can become and testing of your patience. You can’t guarantee a quick sale, but you there are elements under your control that you can ensure run smoothly and try to improve your chances.

In the summer months, your home can benefit from longer evenings, more light and an increased pool of buyers.

How can you utilise your home’s best features and sell your home quickly?

Declutter your Spaces

Making sure that your hallway and the space immediately visible as you enter your front door, is as decluttered as possible, is essential. This is your chance to present a good first impression to a buyer and having a clear space presents the illusion of a larger surface area.

This is where it’s easy to let things pile up i.e shoes, coats and bags collecting in a hallway or by the front door, but keeping it light and airy creates instant positivity.

And this theme should continue throughout your property – try to minimise clutter and leave open, clean spaces.

Light and Airy

Try and optimise the amount of light that you have at your disposal. Reduce clutter and items that prevent light from coming through windows and flood your home with natural light. This will create an airy, light space that will show off your home’s potential, especially if you’re holding viewings during the day.

More light will create a more positive atmosphere and sparks interior ideas for potential buyers. Avoid darkening rooms and focus on cool, light spaces.

Splashes of Colour

Going for a minimalist look with muted colour schemes can be a good idea, as it means that buyers can project their ideas onto a property and imagine themselves living in a home. Too much colour and clutter can be overwhelming for buyers and start to impact their thoughts about a property.

Being strategic with the colours that you use in your property can have a better impact. For example, using flowers and plants to add vibrancy and life to a space creates a nice, natural way to add personality.

Odd Jobs

Walk around your property before you put it on the market or organise viewings to check that any odd-jobs and neglected DIY duties are finished. Buyers will notice little things and small features that might not seem important, but will add to their priority list when they buy. Make their lives easier by finishing off jobs and sprucing up areas of your property that could do with some TLC.

This goes for giving your property a deep clean and making sure it’s as tidy and fresh as it can possibly be.

Spruce up the Garden

Gardens aren’t always important to some buyers, but to others, it can be their favourite feature. Try to achieve a happy medium and ensure that your garden space is clean, tidy and well-maintained. This gives buyers that enjoy the outdoors the chance to see what kind of space they have to work with.

Remove weeds, cut your lawn, prune and clean the area, so it looks tidy and gives a good impression.

For more advice about selling your home, get in touch with our team today at Home EA.


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