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Putting your property on the market is a big step and it’s important that you put yourself in the best position possible, to ensure an easy sale. Whereas structurally, you might be limited, the good news is that there’s lots of smaller elements that you can tweak to improve your chances of finding a buyer.

GoCompare.com conducted a survey where they asked respondents what their biggest turn-offs are when viewing a property and it makes for very interesting reading. Here are some of the most popular answers.

No Garden

Some people aren’t fussed about being green-fingers, but buying a property with a garden can be an absolute deal maker for some buyers. This isn’t ideal if you don’t have a garden space, but it does mean that you can transform the space that you do have to be more appealing to everyone i.e sprucing up a patio space with plants.

57% of buyers would like the opportunity to plant flowers and vegetables, so showing off your garden space and its potential is a good idea if you have one.


This is a big no-no for obvious reasons! If you have a damp problem in your property then sorting it out should be a top priority. This is the kind of thing that buyers will be keeping an eye out for and it can indicate bigger structural and long-term problems, so can naturally put off buyers. 70% of buyers are put off by sight of damp patches. Sorting out damp issues can be costly further down the line, so don’t be surprised if buyers are concerned.


Making sure that the smell of your property doesn’t repulse buyers is a basic minimum requirement for selling your property! But still, buyers do come across properties with smell issues, which can be down to damp, hygiene, mess, pets etc. So, giving your property a declutter, deep clean and using some air fresheners etc can make a big difference. You want to provide a good first impression for buyers and walking into a fresh, nice smelling home is a nice start.

Poor Repairs

63% of buyers aren’t impressed by dodgy repair jobs and unfinished DIY in a property. This is unsurprising because poorly executed repairs can lead to bigger problems in the future. Shoddy repairs can indicate that jobs haven’t been carried out effectively or safely, which is a cosmetic and health and safety concern for buyers. It can cause buyers to become suspicious about how other repairs have been carried out and hidden issues in a property.


Just over half of buyers like to see well-lit rooms when viewing a property. This can make a home look more spacious, airy and positive. Making sure that windows aren’t obscured and you’re letting as much light as possible come into your home is a good tip. If property viewings are in the evening then you can intelligently use lighting strength to create different ambiences in your home.

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