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What to do when your Home isn’t Selling

Home Estate Agents / April 30th 2019 / 0 comments

Sometimes it can feel like you just can’t catch a break. Your property’s been on the market for what feels like ages and nothing seems to be shifting. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to attract a genuine buyer.

It can get incredibly frustrating and the twiddling of thumbs practically becomes a hobby! The more time your property is on the market, the more time, effort and money you’re spending on it. Let’s look at a few things you can do to move things along.

Change Estate Agents

Sometimes, the agent you’re working with just isn’t cutting the mustard. They might not be promoting your property or selling it (or not as the case may be) in the best way. A fresh perspective and set of contacts can work wonders, so talking to different agents could be the injection of new enthusiasm your property needs.

Each agent will have their own strengths and weaknesses – using different methods and marketing techniques to sell your property. Do your research and switch if you need to do so.


Your property isn’t selling, so it’s time to ask friends and family for some deeply honest constructive criticism. There could be some glaringly obvious oversights in your property that you can’t recognise, so asking others for feedback and acting on it to make your property more buyer-friendly is key.

Making your colour scheme more neutral, tidying up the garden, decluttering, maximizing space are all elements that you can easily change to create some instant wins and boost your chances of selling. Instead of believing that the perfect seller will come along and sticking with your unique style, it’s important to meet people half-way and make your property more attractive to a wider group of buyers.

For more help and advice or if you’re thinking of switching estate agents – contact Home EA today.

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