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The property market has rapidly changed over the last 15 years – with the emergence of property portals like RightMove bringing more choice to consumers. Now it’s the turn of new-fangled online estate agents, who aim to disrupt the property market and cut out the middle-man. You’ve probably seen a fair few adverts on TV for online estate agents like Purple Bricks, eMoov and House Revolution.

Lots of services and products perform better in an online capacity, but at Home EA, we firmly believe that the lack of localised knowledge, personal service and extensive experience means that online agents are providing a sub-standard imitation of a traditional, bricks and mortar estate agent.

Competitive Prices

We know that property transactions can be daunting and you can find yourself having to reach into your pocket more than you anticipated. The fees for online agents can be persuasive, as they tend to offer a reduced price compared to most high street estate agents.

But a reduction in price certainly doesn’t translate into enhanced quality. At Home EA our rates are just 0.75% + VAT, and we can guarantee a much better service. The starting package price that online agents offer might be cheap, but 9 times out of 10 they give you a long list of optional extras – which are positioned as optional, but are usually essential. Our packages take care of things like viewings, photos, 3D floor plans and Virtual Tours for you.

If you want us to match the price, but offer a reduced service (we wouldn’t really want to, but can if you insist!) then just contact the office to discuss with our team.

When entering into a property transaction, it’s essential that you work with credible agents and negotiators that are more concerned with delivering quality results than touting for business with rock-bottom prices.

Skilled Service

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to consider experience and skill-set when choosing your estate agent. Your estate agent works for you, so looking for someone with real local knowledge, enthusiasm, understanding of your property-type and the ability to convincingly sell your property through a viewing. Does your online agent have the ability to value your property correctly or show you appropriately values properties?

There are plenty of cheap online agents around, but how do you know you’re picking the right one and are they members of the Property Ombudsman Scheme and the National Association of Estate Agents?

Time and time again, we’ve found that on average when Home EA has negotiated a sale, we have the skill and experience to add £1,000s. This comes from years of knowledge in the property market and local area.


What is it that most buyers and sellers want when they enter the property market? It’s usually two things – a good price and no hassle.

When you’re looking at making the biggest financial transaction in your lifetime, the combination of local knowledge, experience and negotiation prowess means that we can secure the best price possible for your property. With our service, we’ll also ensure that you don’t have to put together your own DIY package and compromise on quality because your online agent’s service is so basic.

Essentially, using online estate agents can be cheaper but in the long-term, it can mean a lower price, a lengthier process and a lot of hassle.

Call Home EA today for a traditional, experienced, no-nonsense estate agent service on 0161 367 1221.



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