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Benefits of a 3D Virtual Home Tour

Home Estate Agents / July 18th 2020 / 0 comments

Due to the ongoing covid-19 situation in the UK, house viewings can’t be carried out in the same way or with the same frequency as they normally would. By now, everyone’s used to things being different and here at Home EA, we’ve now got government guidelines in place so people looking to buy can view properties and if you’re thinking of selling, you’re welcome to put your property on the market and more importantly, can expect to make a sale.

But because people might not be able to do as much physical research i.e property viewings as they would like or envisage, creative solutions are necessary!

Luckily, we always offer 3D Virtual Tours to people selling a property, so they can show off their home and put it infront of more people online. Let’s look at some of the benefits:

More Opinions

Having a link to a video tour that people can share with loved ones or friends for their opinion can be a really good way for them to offer their thoughts or validate decisions. You can always show photos of the inside of a property when you’ve viewed it or whatever’s online, but showing other people a virtual tour will give them a great feel for a property and encourage buyers and give opinions!

Share Online

Creating video content for a property means that it can be shared more widely across social media platforms and it’s strong, eye-catching content to get a property noticed by as many people as possible. You can have static content of your property on a website, but having dynamic content that people will want to share and can be viewed relatively quickly is a bonus. Video content is on our website, the Rightmove micro site and we also upload them to our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Instead of looking at photos and deliberating over whether to organise a viewing, the first stage of enquiry can be more likely to turn into a lead if you have a piece of content that gives people a strong idea of whether a property has what they’re looking for, the space available and gives a good idea of the general property.

One Step Ahead

Video tours are by no means commonplace for every property on the market – we feel that especially with covid-19, video tours are a trend that will accelerate. We’re perfectly positioned to offer this to customers straight away anyway and means that your property can be futureproofed and one step ahead of lockdown regulations and other properties on the market.

Whilst people might not get the opportunity to view a property as many times as they would normally like to, the video tour gives a really slick, savvy alternative and can reinforce thoughts about a property after a viewing and act as a good reference point to mull things over about a property a bit more. Also, if not everyone in your household is able to view properties because of restrictions and specific circumstances, they can still be involved in the viewing this way.

For more info and advice about video tours, get in touch with our team today.


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