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Quick home-fixes that will appeal to First-time Buyers

Home Estate Agents / September 19th 2017 / 0 comments

First-time buyers are looking for value for money and potential. With a tough housing market and the added difficulty of getting on the housing ladder in the first place – properties for first-time buyers need to have character and the scope to turn them into a solid investment for the future.

So, when you’re marketing your property to first-time buyers, which quick home-fixes can you put in place to make your property more attractive to buyers?

Smart Technology

Upgrading technology is a great way to differentiate your property from others on the market. Making a property more tech-friendly to an increasingly digital-savvy group of first-time buyers can make you stand out. Smart tech can help to make properties more energy efficient, cost-effective and easier to live in. Smart lighting, solar energy and smart hubs are all examples of technology that can enhance a property. Lower bills and costs are all big pull factors.

WiFi is also a big selling point for young buyers – a recent survey by broadbanddeals.co.uk found 88% of first-time buyers would find slow/poor broadband to be a detrimental factor when buying a property, so if your property has good speeds then make a big deal of it.

Minimalist Design

Minimalism is on trend, so clearing out your clutter and giving your property a streamlined, clean look will appeal to buyers. It makes it easier to imagine living in a property and it emphasises the amount of space on offer too.

Calm, clean spaces don’t overwhelm buyers and present them as a blank canvas to work on and make their mark on. Think white walls and clear walls.

Garden Space

Young professionals and first-time buyers looking to start a family are particularly interested in garden spaces, so if you have a garden – giving it a quick makeover to show off the amount of space and potential is important. Mow your lawn, remove weeds, plant some nice flowers and add some nice garden furniture. Putting some garden structures in place to improve privacy is a good selling point too.

Windows and Doors

Having an attractive front door can give a good first impression of your property – it can show that your property is sleek and stylish before anyone sets foot through the door. Having modern, double-glazed windows is important for first-time buyers who want to save money and move into an energy efficient property too. This is a good tip if you live in a busy area too and want to minimise noise pollution.


This goes without saying, but ensuring that your property is clean, de-cluttered and ready to show is essential. It shows first-time buyers your property at its best. New buyers might be looking at new build homes too, which will be spotless and ‘unlived’ in, so your home has to rival the cleanliness and de-cluttered look they’d find in new properties.

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