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With the stamp duty holiday, priority changes and resurgence of the property market after being locked down due to covid-19, this is a busy time for buyers and sellers.

Local lockdowns and new tier restrictions add some instability back into the market and the ability to go and view a property normally is being impacted – which is why it’s more important than ever to market your property in an effective way.

Here at Home EA, we pride ourselves on the marketing packages we can put together for our clients and the results generated.

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing tools we use to sell a property:

High-Quality Photography

It goes without saying that good quality photographs are an essential bedrock for selling a property. They’re the first entry-point for a potential buyer as they view properties. If the photos of your property aren’t showing it in its best light then you’re going to struggle from the beginning to secure viewings and get people through the door, literally.

We use high-quality equipment to capture your property’s best features and with our experience, we know all of the best angles and features to focus on. Your property needs to be shown off and we know exactly how to do it.

Virtual Tours

Our 4K Aspheric Video Virtual Home Tours let potential buyers visualise walking through a property, without having to get up off the sofa! At the moment, covid-19 is making everything a bit trickier, so this is a great option for buyers that might not be able to view a property or want to make an offer quickly.

If buyers have already seen a virtual tour before they come for an in-person viewing, it increases the chances that they’ll be more serious about making an offer. The proportion of serious buyers will hopefully be greater.

A Virtual Home Tour gives more depth and dimension than photos can and we can also share the content across all of our Home EA social platforms, as well as your own social media accounts to ensure as many people as possible see your property.

This is a fantastic use of new technology to fill in some of the gaps and questions potential buyers might have between seeing a photo of a property and going to view it in person.

3D Floor Plans

One of the most important aspects of property buying is assessing how much space is on offer. We invest in software to create accurate 3D floor plans, so that buyers have got as much information as possible, such as measurements and dimensions, to inform their decision. There can be a better understanding of the property layout, so buyers can plan changes or work out whether the property works for them in the long-term.

Our experienced team are on hand with all of our knowledge and know-how to market your property as effectively as possible, with all of the best tools and techniques to show it in the best light and boost the chances of selling it. Get in touch today.


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